When Old Faces are New Again

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

We’ve been busy. We have a new garden under construction. We have a new way of doing things because of COVID-19. We have new questions and new worries with the world around us. When so much is new and unknown, it’s hard to remember what used to be. Today we remember.

Three of our participants returned to in person services. While that sounds technical and clinical and cold, the anticipation and excitement for their return was welcomed with the warmth of their presence. The life they bring—the excitement of belonging—was something that was becoming somewhat stale three months into our return. After lunch I walked by one of our team and said, “We’re getting closer to normal.” The smiles are a little bit brighter, the laughter a little bit louder, and the conversation has picked up significantly.

Our hope is that this excitement continues with the arrival of more of our old friends. Our program is family, and we have missed each other. Even though it has been over six months since we have seen each other, the same questions and conversations that were taking place in March came roaring back like we had discussed them only yesterday.

The pictures attached to this post are of the garden, because it is going to be so spectacular. It truly is a symbol of the connectivity we have here at the Sandefur Center. We can’t wait until it’s complete.

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