The Power of Positive Thinking

If you told me a month ago that we would open, have almost 20 participants return for in person services, and everything would run smoothly, I would have laughed you out of the room! I was expecting issue after issue, random behaviors and struggles with keeping masks on all day. I let my mind focus on everything that could go wrong. I was worried, anxious and second guessing myself for opening back up in the first place.

Fast forward a month and I was never more wrong! Every day I am more amazed at the positivity and maturity of our Sandefur Family. They give each other space, they keep their masks on, they know not to shake hands or hug (which is a huge change for us), and they are happy to be back together and working and learning. They get excited when their friends who are healthy at home join class through ZOOM. They are showing the rest of us how important relationships are, how we can remain connected throughout this pandemic, and how powerful a positive attitude can be. They continue to lift each other up, share stories and concerns, and grow closer together as a family each day.

We can learn from them. We need to notice their positive outlook. We need to recognize how important that perspective is in the midst of all of this uncertainty. As we move toward opening our schools, businesses and potentially sporting events, let the participants of the Sandefur Center be the example on how to make this work. For so long, the people we serve are sometimes left out or put aside. Right now they are the leaders, and they are doing a fine job of leading! We can all celebrate that.


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