Beat the Drum

When we "beat the drum" for something, we lend our support to a cause that is important. Today we all need to beat the drum for safety and security. We have made great strides at the Sandefur Center to maintain a safe place during this pandemic, but we are living in an area that is experiencing a surge of positive cases, and we must maintain our vigilance.

  1. Wear that mask! I have been overwhelmed at the commitment of our Sandefur Family. They wear their masks without the slightest complaint.

  2. Wash those hands! We are using hand sanitizer and washing our hands frequently, which is more helpful that we realize.

  3. Keep your distance! This is the hardest for us, myself included. We are so used to leaning in to help, patting each other on the back or giving a fist bump. We need to remind each other every day to keep our distance for our safety.

Someday soon, we will be able to return to what we are used to. Until then, we will beat the drum for each other and for ourselves. And even sooner, we will get to beat some real drums! The music instruments in our Sensory Garden are almost ready. Below are some pictures of the drums, donated by Experiencing Autism Together. It's turning out to be a beautiful spot for sure!!

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