Using Construction to Build Relationships

We have spent the last four days watching our front yard slowly turn into a musical garden. So far, we have witnessed the removal of dirt and grass, gravel dumps and dirt and gravel spread where the grass once was. For the participants who are present for in person learning, this has become a daily opportunity to educate on everything including balance, support, and infrastructure. They are learning first-hand how complex things are, both in construction and in relationships.

You see, just by sitting outside, socially distanced, and watching construction, the small talk has started up again. Sometimes we are so worried about making each moment an educational one that we utilize too much structure and prevent the natural progression of friendships. We are starting to see that during our “down time” while watching the workers spread gravel or spray paint where the sidewalks will go.

With the introduction of this garden, excitement has reentered our home—something that hasn’t been here since we closed in March due to COVID 19. Daily we get the large renderings of the garden out and imagine what it will look like once it’s complete. We are excited about the pergola, which will allow us to sit and wait for our bus. We can’t wait to hear what the musical instruments will sound like. We wonder what type of fruit trees and bushes will be there. We can’t wait to exercise on the soft surface at the center of the garden.

It seems we all have experienced a sense of monotony with the onset of this pandemic. We are fortunate to have the community investment in our garden to bring our participants some hope and some real relationship building during this time of uncertainty. We can’t wait until it is complete and we get to share it with you.

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