Take Time to Grow

Two years ago, we shared a dream with the women of POW, part of the Community Foundation of Henderson, KY. That dream was to build a sensory garden to foster independence, positive behavior, and creativity among our participants. This would also provide the community a place for children on the spectrum that may not enjoy the traditional community playground.

The women of POW loved our dream so much, they granted us $15,000 to help make this dream come true. The United Way and Exeriencing Autism Together also chipped in to help fund this dream. We shared our dream with Tim Skinner, who took our feelings and words and designed the most beautiful sensory garden. We, like most, got sidetracked by COVID, but we are ready to share this dream with the rest of Henderson.

Next week we begin preparing the site for construction of our sensory garden. This wheelchair accessible space will contain fruit trees, butterfly bushes, honeysuckle, and outdoor musical instruments to stimulate each of the five senses--sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. It will have a soft surface area for exercise and a walking path for our participants and for the community. It will enhance the work we do and share our mission with the entire area.

We are still fundraising for this garden, and would love to share our story with you and ask for your investment in the amazing project. Over the next few weeks, we will share many opportunities for you to participate in our various fundraisers. Most of all, we want this garden to showcase the inclusive spirit of the Henderson community, where all are welcome and each of us is celebrated for the gifts we have to offer.

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